Bulk Clover and Calendula Facial Tonic 1oz jar

Bulk Clover and Calendula Facial Tonic 1oz jar

*Clover and Calendula Available in Refill!* 


30ml in 1oz jar


FACIAL tonics are a blend of botanical distillates and plant extracts to nourish, hydrate, and tone skin, to tighten and reduce the appearance of pores, control breakouts, and give your skin a refresh.

Use in combination with a facial serum or lotion after washing, or whenever you need an aromatherapeutic calm throughout the day.


FLOWER DISTILLATES are the water soluble nutrients of plants, such as the hydrophilic plant acids, collected through steam distillation. Hydrating the skin with a nutritional water-based element is necessary for healthy, moisturized skin.

Hydrosols— or distillates— are the water component of plant material that rises in the form of steam when that plant material is heated; contrarily, an essential oil is the oil component of plant material, and the oil-soluble nutrients of such, that drips downwards during this same process..



Wash skin with lukewarm water and a dollop of Lavender & Honey Milk Cleanser by massaging into skin in a circular motion. Finish with a splash of cold water. Let skin air dry slightly.

Leaving skin a tad damp, mix 3-5 drops of Flower & Fruit Facial Serum with two sprays of Facial Tonic in the palm of your hands and apply.

Mixing and applying serum and tonic together will allow for the best absorption and proper balance of toning hydration & all day, sealed in moisturization. Serums are not complete without a water-based element for proper hydration of the skin.



To rehydrate damaged skin + gentle & soothing + essential oil free

ingredients •red clover distillate, •calendula distillate, •aloe vera, •seaweed extract, •plantain distillate, vitamin b5. grapefruit seed extract



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