Osmose 12% Cleaning Vinegar 1L Mason Jar

Osmose 12% Cleaning Vinegar 1L Mason Jar

*Availble in Refill!*


12% household vinegar is ideal for shining glass and mirrors like our grandmothers used to do. It’s an excellent disinfectant in the kitchen, the bathroom, and for your children's toys as well. Hadn’t thought about it, am I right? Versatile inside and out, this product will do little miracles everywhere. The vinegar can be used without moderation: it is colorless, its smell evaporates quickly, and it is of no danger for the environment.




  • Details

    • Excellent disinfectant 
    • Good anti-scale agent and fabric softener. 
    • Vinegar is non-toxic to the environment and to humans.
  • acetic acid solution titrated at 12%.

  • For Laundry:

    To soften the fabrics: Dilute 45 ml of vinegar for a large load. 


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