Rockwell 6C Double-Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell 6C Double-Edge Safety Razor

Improve your skin, eliminate plastic waste and save a fortune on shaving with the Rockwell 6C Razor. Rockwell's innovative adjustable settings let you change the blade exposure for a truly personalized experience, so you get a close, comfortable shave - every time. Ditch overpriced plastic razors and subscription shave clubs for good and transform your shave into an experience you can look forward to. The Rockwell 6C eliminates bumps, razor burn, nicks and irritation - so you get the premium experience you deserve.

Made from a durable alloy in a striking chrome finish. Beloved by shaving experts worldwide, the Rockwell 6C is guaranteed to upgrade your routine and deliver the best shaves you've ever experienced.

Perfect any man or woman that's shaving their face, head or sensitive areas. Includes a beginner setting that makes it impossible for users to cut themselves shaving, while still getting a great shave.


  • Details

    Adjustable to any skin or hair type
    The Rockwell 6C provides six levels of blade settings, to ensure anyone can redefine the closeness, smoothness, and comfort of their shave. 

    Shave a fortune
    The Rockwell 6C is crafted to last a lifetime and provide vastly superior shaves, at a fraction of the price of multi-blade razors.

    Masterfully crafted
    When coupled with Rockwell's pure Swedish stainless steel blades, the 6C provides the ultimate close shave at a value that will put you off multi-blade razors for good. 

    Stop plastic waste
    Ditch the disposables. The Rockwell 6C is crafted to last a lifetime and provide vastly superior shaves, for pennies a blade!

    Recyclable blades
    Comes with a recyclable metal blade safe for easy blade disposal. 

    Easy for beginners
    Rockwell's patented adjustable razors make it impossible for beginners to cut themselves shaving. 

    Designed in Canada
    Perfectly weighted and balanced through unparalleled craftsmanship for intuitive handling and effortless glide. Guaranteed to last a lifetime (or four).

  • Tech Specs


    Chromed Zinc Alloy

    Razor Weight

    100 grams

    Razor Length

    95mm (3.74 inches)

    Handle Length / Handle Diameter

    85mm (3.34 inches) / 13mm (0.51 inches)

    Compatible Blades

    Any brand of double-edge razor blades

    Handle Length / Handle Diameter

    85mm (3.34 inches) / 13mm (0.51 inches)

    Available finish

    White Chrome, Gunmetal Chrome


    6 blade settings from R1 to R6

    Blade gaps

    R1: 0.008" (0.20 mm, R2: 0.014” (0.35 mm), R3: 0.019” (0.48 mm), R4: 0.024” (0.61 mm), R5: 0.027” (0.69 mm), R6: 0.031” (0.79 mm).


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