ATMO Recycling Booster + Car Seat Fee

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ATMO Recycling Ltd is a Canadian not for profit/social enterprise, created in 2017 by industry leader Graham Lewis. ATMO Recycling Ltd™ quickly established itself as the first and only social enterprise (Not for profit) in Canada dedicated to responsibly recycling child car safety seats in Canada.

ATMO Recycling Ltd™ used its guiding vision, mission and value statement to align its hiring practices into an operation that values individuals from all aspects of a community. Hiring persons whom identify as having a barrier to employment is a key element of our operational structure.

Recycling consumer products is only one part of the circular economy. Individuals who struggle to find sustainable employment are often overlooked and as a result are continually searching to find ways of earning an income. ATMO Recycling Ltd™ refers to this as the value of human capital.

Protecting the environment while creating sustainable long-term employment for individuals with barriers to employment is the heart of ATMO Recycling Ltd™.

Child car seats are only one of a handful of consumer products until recently considered “non-recyclable” due to the time it takes to fully dismantle a child car seat – it is this quest to be a leader in a new sector that drives innovation.

ATMO Recycling Ltd™ is committed to reducing its carbon footprint and establishing community recycling partnerships across Canada. The placement of centralized recycling pods ensures that ATMO Recycling Ltd is consistently mindful of its footprint, and this approach relates to all aspects of how ATMO Recycling conducts its overall business.

Child car seats were first developed around the year 1971 and have since become engineered to withstand the most severe impact. This type of engineering means child car seats are extremely difficult to break down, making it increasingly difficult to isolate the various types of plastic used in manufacturing.

ATMO Recycling Ltd™ has written into its vision, mission and value statement, its core hiring policy, which is to employ persons who have identified barriers to employment. This, in order to allow them to contribute their skills and knowledge, not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of society as well.

So, what’s next?… ATMO Recycling Ltd™ is currently in the early stages of developing eco-friendly products from the recycled material that can be produced in large quantities for the consumer market.