Super Tonics Cookbook

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 The highly anticipated debut cookbook - Super Tonics!

Supercharge your self-care with delicious health-promoting lattes, smoothies, tonics, elixirs, and even snacks that will hit the spot any time of day.

 As a holistic nutritionist, Meredith Youngson knows the foods we eat can make or break our day. The right nutrients can restore our energy, uplift our mood, and boost our overall wellness.

Super Tonics is Meredith's guide to superfoods for the wellness-curious, containing 75 recipes designed to empower readers to take their well-being into their own hands. From the Strawberry Matcha Latte to the Snickerdoodle Steamer, each recipe in Super Tonics combines exceptional ingredients and fun flavours to aid in healing, stress reduction, and improved energy, libido, mood, and more.

Written by Founder of Lake and Oak Tea & Nutritionist Meredith Youngson 

"Super Tonics leads us down the path to liquid nirvana! Full of creative, delicious and nourishing drinks, all organized by the best time of day to enjoy them and the mood you're looking to cultivate; it's a truly inspirational guide." 

- Sarah Britton, creator of My New Roots 


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