Fill it Forward Refillable Bottle and Reuse Sticker


In collaboration with Fill it Forward, we are excited to introduce to our Unwrapped community this amazing giving project inspired by reusables. When you purchase and use a Fill it Forward reusable bottle and sticker, you are helping us to track, not only your own impact, but our impact as a community while helping to fund giving projects around the globe. How does it work?

💧Buy a Fill it Forward bottle and sticker here at Unwrapped (or online at

💧Download the free app and scan your sticker each time you reuse.

💧Each scan contributes to the completion of a charitable project.

💧Through Fill it Forward, charities receive funding to build impactful infrastructure.🌳 You’ll also be able to track waste that has been diverted, ocean pollution that has been prevented and emissions that have been saved by your reuses.

💦 Use the app to make sure you are staying hydrated throughout the day by setting your hydration goals and reminders! “At Fill it Forward we know that reuse can change the world as it’s the first step towards a sustainable mindset that can impact generations. “

Please visit their website for further information on their specific charitable partners. 👇🏼