Hand and Foot Balm by Naturally Pure


Naturally Pure's Hand and Foot Balm is where power and strength work in unison with potent vitamins and minerals to deliver extreme moisturizer well below the skin's surface. The perfect blend of Beeswax and Almond butter delivers a strong foundation with sweet aromas of Peppermint and a hint of Jasmine Essential Oil, perfectly matching everyone's scent pallet, making this balm a vital part of your natural skincare routine! Apply a generous amount of Naturally Pure's Hand and Foot Balm on your feet, put some comfy socks on and go to bed! While you sleep, the balm works hard to intensely heal cracked, dry skin. 



Beeswax, Almond Butter, Avocado Oil, Moringa Oil, Vegetable Glycerin

Perfume: Spearmint Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil