Herbal Facial Steam by The Willow's Bark

Herbal Facial Steam by The Willow's Bark

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Just fill a bowl with boiling water and drop a steamer in. Place a towel over your head and lean over the bowl. Now breathe in. 

Moist heat hydrates the skin, boosts circulation, and opens pores. Each steamer contains medicinal herbs to repair, nourish, & rebalance skin, as well as reduce inflammation & cleanse. 

We suggest using on make-up free clean face, and simply air-drying your skin afterward (no need to wash again). We also suggest steaming skin for 3-5 minutes for best results. Herbal steams can be used for hands and feet as well!

ROSE PETAL & WILD MINT - for tired, inflamed skin
•rose petals, •chamomile flowers, ∆plantain leaf, •witch haze leafl, ∆peppermint leaves, raw local honey, •peppermint essential oil

CALENDULA & CHAMOMILE - for dry, sensitive skin
•calendula (marigold) petals, •chamomile, •marshmallow root, •licorice root, •white willow bark, ∆st. john's wort, *lemon balm, ∆plantain leaves, raw local honey

GREEN TEA & SAGE - for oily, acneic skin. To cleanse, tighten, and tone pores.
•green tea, , ∆elderflowers, •marshmallow root, •witch hazel leaf, •lavender buds, •sage leaves, •sage essential oil, raw honey

•organic ∆wild