Incense by Cue Calm


Price is per stick. 
30 minutes burn time per stick.
essential oils. joss. bamboo. wood.
Hand dipped in canada by simi & jenny of Cue Calm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Made insmall batches to ensure high quality and freshness.



Imbue the air in your gathering space with the smooth, elegant scent of Good Company

This incense is the perfect centerpiece (and conversation starter) for wine nights and gatherings with loved ones

Scent: Sweet notes of French labdanum accentuated by fresh lavender chords


Rich and chic, Studio Suede will add a vibrance to any creative studio or workspace. 

Imagine, create and refine your art while burning this captivating scent.

Scent: Imbued with the exquisite, sweet notes of vetiver and beautifully balanced with the natural earthy smell of incense


Add a touch of simple luxury to any lounging space in your home when burning Old Fashioned.

Pair with summer cocktails/mocktails while browsing home decor magazines.

Scent: Infused with spicy cinnamon and rounded out with notes of sparkling orange


Thoughtful and delicate, this incense captures the essence of Milin, a sanskrit word meaning unification.

A must for sunset yoga or evening stretches, this soothing blend encourages connection with yourself after a long day.

The earthy aroma of Indian frankincense is accentuated with minute traces of cedarwood.


Vibrant and stimulating, First Light will add a feeling of freshness to your morning routine. 

Infuse your aura with vitality as you experience morning meditations & workouts in a whole new light.

Lemongrass is also known to keep insects away, making it a perfect garden party and backyard lounging scent.

Scent: Herbaceous holy basil with clove-like accents harmonizes with earthy, citrus lemongrass