Infused Sea Salts by Sister Harvest Earthworks

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All herb infused salts come in COARSE or FINE grind.

Available in: 

  • 130g Shaker
  • 130g Refill Pouch
  • 75g Refill Pouch
"Comfort" Rosemary Garlic Infused Sea Salt - Blissful union of fresh rosemary and garlic takes comfort food to a whole new level. Try it out! Sprinkle on your popcorn, oven roasted chicken, grilled lamb chops, crispy roasted veggies, roast beef, shepherd’s pie... Choose your grind, coarse or fine.

"Lively" Garlic Jalapeno Infused Sea Salt - This playful combination with sunny notes of lime brightens and highlights the flavour of the jalapeño, without the heat. Try it out! Enhances your guacamole, chili, tacos, pan fried shrimp, your favourite curry, French fries… Choose your grind, coarse or fine.

"Shine" Lemon Dill Infused Sea Salt - A blend of fresh squeezed lemon juice and baby dill adds a little sunshine to your food. Try it out! Use in potato salad, chicken noodle soup, grilled fish, scrambled eggs, tzatziki, chickpea and feta orzo salad… Choose your grind, coarse or fine.