Rose Elixer by Marissa's Herb Garden

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 Made from a combination of rose tincture in alcohol, rose infused raw honey, and rose flower essence, this elixir is a true remedy for the heart. Rose teaches us to hold space for our own softness, initiating us into depths of self-compassion. It opens us to love, tenderness, sensuality, and pleasure.

Rose is a gentle, all-purpose nervine and a true remedy for our fast-paced world: it is well suited for anxiety, hyper-vigilance, grief, anger, and negative self-talk. Rose is also a cool, calming remedy that is soothing to the nervous system.

Rose is an ally for grief of all kinds, holding our hearts in a soft embrace to cushion the fall or pain associated with loss. It is a remedy that wraps us in a warm, comforting embrace when our heart has shattered, from grief or heartbreak.

Rose is one of the oldest plants on earth, and has been cultivated for over 5000 years. Rose carries many meanings, as a flower of passion, divinity, beauty, chastity, protection, and death; rose has a strong presence in many funeral & death rites.

The roses in this elixir originate from the profuse, abundant Rugosa rose of the east coast.

This little vial of love comes in a 1 oz dropper bottle. Take as needed, on its own or in your drink of choice. It lends itself well to cacao, sparkling water, cocktails or mocktails. It is safe for all to take, from children to elders, in pregnancy and postpartum. For internal use only.