Scar Repair by Naturally Pure


Naturally Pure's Scar Repair Cream is specially formulated to reduce the look of old and new scars as well as strengthen the skin's elasticity. Allowing the skin to properly heal well beneath the surface of the skin, and reducing sagging skin, which is vital during weight loss. Handmade with only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients that will safely bathe your skin in nourishment and protection. Safe for the entire family, gentle enough for little knees and elbows but fierce enough to heal the skin well below the surface of the skin. 


Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Honey, Vitamin E, Moringa Oil,  Vegetable Glycerin, Baking Soda, Frankincense Essential Oil

Perfume: Lavender Essential Oil, and Rose Essential Oil.