Wool Dryer Balls by Moss Creek


Hand Made in Canada, our Dryer balls will save you time and money!

By reducing drying time, they save on electricity & preserve the lifespan of your clothing. 

6 balls are ideal for XL loads, 3 or more for regular loads. 
No chemicals, perfumes or dyes are used to make them. Each ball is hand crafted using only Merino, Polworth or Corriedale wool - depending on the colour. They are tested to last for 500+ loads. Simply store them in your dryer between loads.

Available in natural colours (no dye) brown, grey or white. The colour does not affect the performance in any way and will not transfer to the clothes as it is the natural sheep's natural colour. 

Add essential oils for lovely smelling laundry! 

Happy drying!

***** Colours may vary! Please leave a note if you have a preference to cream, brown or grey*******