Our Refill Program

BYOC (Bring Your Own Container)  

We accept clean and dry jars at the shop to be tared and filled with your favourite bulk products.  If you can't make it in to the store or are in a rush, all of our bulk products are available here in our Refill Collection for purchase in a variety of containers, some of which can be returned for refund!  Simply purchase your products in a mason jar for a quick and easy pick up at the shop. 

Mason Jar Deposit Program
Many of our bulk products are available online in sterilized mason jars in a variety of sizes. The online price reflects a $2 jar deposit per jar which will be refunded once the jar is returned with the black ‘Unwrapped’ sticker in place. Jars can be returned to the store during regular store hours for credit.  Want to hang on to your mason jar? That's ok, too! 

In some listings bulk items will also be available in other containers such as glass pumps and sprays or smaller cosmetic jars and tincture bottles.  These containers are not eligible for refunds.  However, if you return them we can sterilize them for our free jar library. 

Some items in this collection DO NOT QUALIFY for free shipping. Due to the weight and size of these items,additional shipping charges will be calculated at checkout.

Please read the product descriptions carefully to be informed of any additional costs.



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Dish Soap by Pure

From $5.75

Body Lotion by Oneka

From $15.50

Bubble Bath by Pure

From $8.50

Laundry Soap by Pure

From $8.00


Cat Lady Natural Deodorant by Routine

From $6.00


Face Cream by Oneka

From $11.50

Nellie's Laundry Soda

From $27.00

Sal Suds Liquid Cleaner by Dr. Bronner's

From $17.00


Conditioner by Pure

From $13.00

Shampoo by Pure

From $13.00