Tapered Blending Eye Brush by Pure Anada

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Made of a synthetic micro-fiber, they are both vegan and cruelty-free.  You will be surprised at how soft they feel. The handles are made of sustainable bamboo wood, making them an eco-friendly choice.  You will love these brushes! 

How to use: The Tapered Blending Eye Brush is another favourite and versatile brush. Its primary use is for blending eye shadow (as you apply it). You can use it to apply a diffused shadow on your eyelids, or a very diffused shadow under the eyes. Don't be afraid of how big it might seem as an eye shadow brush. Since its bristles are fluffy, it will diffuse any colour it is in contact with. It can be used to blend your blush or even concealer lines. You can also use it to apply highlighter to your upper cheekbones.

Remember: Pure Anada eye colours are very concentrated. Tap a small amount into the lid of the pot, and swirl the brush in the pigments.

Care: You should wash all your brushes on a weekly basis. That may seem excessive, but your makeup will apply much smoother and your skin will thank you! Cleaning your brushes on a regular basis will prevent product build-up, ensuring they last as long as possible.

Rinse the bristles under warm, running water. Swirl your brush with some shampoo in the palm of your hand. Continue swirling and rinsing until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze the moisture out of the bristles and lay the brushes FLAT to dry. If brushes are set to dry upright (bristles up), moisture will seep into the ferrule (metal collar). This causes the glue to let loose and will ruin your brush.