Produce Bags by Plantish

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Can't get enough of produce bags? 
Plantish has designed the perfect bags for your everyday needs!
Each produce/muslin bag is secured by a metal piece with a drawstring, making it 100% plastic-free.

As a multipurpose and eco-friendly storage solution, these bags can store all the fresh groceries you can imagine - fruits, veggies, seeds & grains, even baked goods! Using the mesh bags can ensure the effectiveness of washes and also protect delicate & intimate clothing like underwear, bras and lingerie that often wear out quickly in the washing machine.

Certified Organic GOTS Cotton. 

  • quick-drying: no more wet smell from plastic bag
  • multipurpose: use it for storage at home, travelling or laundry
  • durable and economical: last way longer than plastic and petroleum-based fabric