Holiday Collection by Cheeks Ahoy

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Our Holiday Non•Paper Towels are an excellent addition to your kitchen decor. They are great for table napkins at your holiday feast, make excellent host-gifts, and perfect for everyday cleaning.

PERFECT FOR ★ wiping messy hands and faces after meals ★ spill clean-up ★ washing and drying dishes ★ mealtime napkins ★ lint-free cleaning and dusting ★ always keep a spare or two in your pocket to use as a handkerchief (that's right, we said it), or to have as an emergency wipe.

Can be easily rolled around an empty paper towel roll to use with your paper towel holder. Each Non•Paper Towel is single ply and measures 12"x10". Made from 100% cotton. Care instruction: Machine wash. Handmade in Ontario, Canada


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