Immunity Tea by The Willow's Bark

Immunity Tea by The Willow's Bark

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This tea is designed to boost your immune system, and actively fight cold and flu symptoms rather than just suppressing them like most cold and flu medication.

Slippery elm will soothe your throat and, with marshmallow root, clean out your lungs.

Echinacea, Elder, and Ginger will help your body fight off bacterial and viral infections, and along with licorice root, they will boost the function and health of your immune system.

INGREDIENTS: •slippery elm bark, •marshmallow root, •lemon peel, •echinacea, ∆elderberries and ∆flowers, •licorice root, •ginger

•organic ∆wild

ATTRIBUTES: Demulcent, Expectorant, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Anti-viral, Immunostimulant, Depurative, Antitussive