Luna Tea by The WIllow's Bark

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For those who experience cramps, bloating, general inflammation of the joints & muscles, mood fluctuations, and irregular flow. It contains herbs that soothe the uterus, calm uterine spasms, relieve pain and inflammation, stomach or intestinal discomfort, and helps to balance hormone levels. 

This tea is safe to drink if you would like regulate your menstrual cycle to prepare your body for pregnancy.
It is not safe to drink if you are already pregnant, as it may encourage the egg to dislodge itself.  

Drink this tea as a medicine 3 times a day leading up to and during your menstrual cycle. 

Attributes: Nervine Tonic, Antispasmodic, Estrogenic, Uterine Tonic, Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Reliever, Circulatory Stimulant, Diuretic, & Stomachic Tonic

Ingredients: ∆Crampbark, ∆Willow bark, •Licorice Root, ∆Raspberry Leaf, •Black Cohosh, •Hibiscus, •Dong Quai, ∆Red Clover, ∆Yarrow

•organic ∆wild