Washing Soda by Osmose

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- 1kg in Paper Bag - 

Sodium carbonate, also called washing soda, has a strong degreasing power and water softener. They are used throughout the house for laundry, dish-washing, house-cleaning and DIY projects. Its most common use is as a laundry detergent optimizer for hard water. Offered in bulk, Osmose Sodium carbonate if very useful for the maintenance of washable diapers and heavily stained laundry.

- Fortifies laundry and softens hard water

- Often used for the maintenance of washable diapers

- Sodium carbonate are non-toxic to the environment and to humans

To remove petroleum products:

Dilute 75mL in 4L of hot water and let soak for 24 hours, then wash.

To wash cloth diapers:

Let clean diapers soak for 48 hours in a mix of 20L hot water, 250mL of washing soda, and a few drops of dishwashing soap. This will remove the lime and soap residues. 

Ingredients: Sodium carbonate